Welcome to Year 3 Swallows 

Homework- is sent out each Friday and is due back the following Wednesday.

PE- is every Thursday and Friday afternoon. 

Spring 2


We will be learning about subtraction and using the column subtraction method to help us with calculations. We will also begin looking at multiplication and division and solving word problems involving these operations. 



Our English lessons will continue to be linked to our 'Rivers, mountains and coasts' topic. We will use 'The Journey' by Neil Griffiths and 'The Magical Garden of Claude Monet' by Laurence Anholt to write recounts of the journey of a river. 



We will continue with our 'Plants' topic. We will be learning about the different ways seeds are dispersed, how different plants are adapted to suit their environment and the importance of insects such as bees. 



We will be looking at how networks work to link together computers and laptops. 



We will be learning about Easter (Christianity) in the weeks leading up to the Easter holidays. 



We will continue to use our Freddy Fit equipment for circuit training in some of our PE lessons. We will also be learning about creative dance.



Our French theme for Spring 2 is 'Animals' 

Tree Planting

We have really enjoyed tree planting over the last two weeks. The children have worked really hard even in the wind and rain! 

Spring 1

Space Week- Designing and making Space Shuttles

We researched space shuttles and designed our own shuttles to take a crew to the International Space Station.

Touchstones- Rivers and Geography Trip

We visited Touchstones to learn all about Rivers. We talked about the journey of a river and how rivers affect their local environment. 

Our flowering plant life cycle videos

Our Science topic for the Spring term is Plants. We found out about the life cycle of a flowering plant and then created our own videos to help us remember each part of the cycle. 

PE- Gymnastics

This half term we have been learning about gymnastics in our PE sessions. We have thought about different balances, travelling on different parts of our bodies, forward rolls and even tried handstands.

Freddy Fit- Crazy Catch

Freddy Fit- Circuit training


Creating Viking Longhouses

We were very busy in the last week of half term creating our own Viking longhouses. The children designed their own houses and collected natural materials to help create them. 

Our Viking shields

We have designed and painted our own Viking shields. We thought about how we would use them to protect ourselves in battle. 

Climbing wall

This week we visited the climbing wall. The children were brilliant at being 'spotters' to keep each other safe. We had a few bumps and scrapes but lots of fun.