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shelby myrphy(a couple of years ago)

hi! hope your all enjoying yr1, yr2,yr3, yr4, yr 5 and yr6 missing you all ! hope to see you all again soon :] happy Halloween and happy Christmas !!!!!!!!

David Longfield(a couple of years ago)

Best time of my life,, I left 55 years ago, my how time flies, Back then you started at age of 5 then moved up as years went by,, start @5, leave @15, all in the same school , I remember a couple of teachers , Mr Fox ( I think he was art ) and I think the other was Mrs Warburton, The caretaker was Mr Shackleton ?, it still had the outside toilets lol, and the prefab classrooms for the seniors, All the best Steve Lee ( changed by deed poll )

Denise Worrall (ne Wilson)(a few years ago)

I have very fond memories of Moorhouse, I attended in1949 - 1964,along with my two brothers Ian and Peter Wilson. The headmaster was a very much respected gentleman. Major John Fox. My husband and his brothers and sister also attended, Bill, Bob, Pat and Timmy also attended around the same time, around 1970 - 1980 my son Brent also attended.There are some lovely memories from our school days, and I will always remember our green and white diamond badge with the words `go one better` xx

valerie thompson ( nee shepherd)(a few years ago)

i attended moorhouse school from the age of 4 and left in 1956 aged 15 .my husband barry thompson and our two children debra and stephen also attended. i have fond memories of my school days the christmas concerts that went on for two days and mr stotts choir that he was so proud of.

george hicks(a few years ago)

This is George form Older Hill do you still know me? I miss this school.

Lesley Sanders.(a few years ago)

I attended Moorhouse School from 1951to1961along with my sisters and brothers. I loved every minute. The teachers were very proffesional and caring. I have fond memories and have read your stories from the logs and have viewed the photos.There are only four photos so would like to ask are there any more?

Johna842(a few years ago)

Very nice submit, I definitely love this website, keep it up

Ben mooney(a few years ago)

I didnt come to this school, but i was considering it. It looks like it would of been a lot of fun :) My girlfriend came here and loved it x

Jess Holt(a few years ago)

This is the best school ever ! I miss it sooo much especially Mrs wetton and Mrs rigby. Mrs wetton u have helped me soo much and im not that quiet now at high school u have boosted me, and Mrs rigby ur amazing and i will always remember u ! x

Jess Holt(a few years ago)

I loved this school ! Mrs wetton and Mrs Rigby were amazing and i miss them very much :) xox

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