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shelby myrphy(a couple of years ago)

hi! hope your all enjoying yr1, yr2,yr3, yr4, yr 5 and yr6 missing you all ! hope to see you all again soon :] happy Halloween and happy Christmas !!!!!!!!


David Longfield(a couple of years ago)

Best time of my life,, I left 55 years ago, my how time flies, Back then you started at age of 5 then moved up as years went by,, start @5, leave @15, all in the same school , I remember a couple of teachers , Mr Fox ( I think he was art ) and I think the other was Mrs Warburton, The caretaker was Mr Shackleton ?, it still had the outside toilets lol, and the prefab classrooms for the seniors, All the best Steve Lee ( changed by deed poll )


Denise Worrall (ne Wilson)(a few years ago)

I have very fond memories of Moorhouse, I attended in1949 - 1964,along with my two brothers Ian and Peter Wilson. The headmaster was a very much respected gentleman. Major John Fox. My husband and his brothers and sister also attended, Bill, Bob, Pat and Timmy also attended around the same time, around 1970 - 1980 my son Brent also attended.There are some lovely memories from our school days, and I will always remember our green and white diamond badge with the words `go one better` xx


valerie thompson ( nee shepherd)(a few years ago)

i attended moorhouse school from the age of 4 and left in 1956 aged 15 .my husband barry thompson and our two children debra and stephen also attended. i have fond memories of my school days the christmas concerts that went on for two days and mr stotts choir that he was so proud of.


george hicks(a few years ago)

This is George form Older Hill do you still know me? I miss this school.


Lesley Sanders.(a few years ago)

I attended Moorhouse School from 1951to1961along with my sisters and brothers. I loved every minute. The teachers were very proffesional and caring. I have fond memories and have read your stories from the logs and have viewed the photos.There are only four photos so would like to ask are there any more?


Johna842(a few years ago)

Very nice submit, I definitely love this website, keep it up


Ben mooney(a few years ago)

I didnt come to this school, but i was considering it. It looks like it would of been a lot of fun :) My girlfriend came here and loved it x


Jess Holt(a few years ago)

This is the best school ever ! I miss it sooo much especially Mrs wetton and Mrs rigby. Mrs wetton u have helped me soo much and im not that quiet now at high school u have boosted me, and Mrs rigby ur amazing and i will always remember u ! x


Jess Holt(a few years ago)

I loved this school ! Mrs wetton and Mrs Rigby were amazing and i miss them very much :) xox


Jess Holt(a few years ago)

This is the best school ever ! I miss it sooo much especially Mrs wetton and Mrs rigby. Mrs wetton u have helped me soo much and im not that quiet now at high school u have boosted me, and Mrs rigby ur amazing and i will always remember u ! x


Jess Holt(a few years ago)

I loved this school ! Mrs wetton and Mrs Rigby were amazing and i miss them very much :) xox


Garry Hornby(a few years ago)

I attended Moorhouse from 1954 to 1959 and am in the lowest of your four old school photos. I am in the middle of the top row with my left ear sticking out, which it always did. I know the names of 12 of my classmates, amazing after 50 odd years. I have positive memories of several teachers but the one who turned my life around was Mrs Greaves, who taught me in my last year, when I think that photo was taken. I was an average student but I had developed a stammer that was pretty bad by the start of my final year. But Mrs Greaves had a plan. First, she used the incentive scheme that the new headteacher, Mr Alker, had brought in (similar to the ‘star of the week’ that you still have) to reward me with a merit badge for good work. I am sure she did this to build up my self-confidence, which it did, and also made me think I was capable of good work, so worked much harder from then on. But it did not change the stammer. So Mrs Greaves, at the parent-teacher meeting convinced my parents that I should go to elocution lessons and recommended someone. I went to elocution once a week after school for one year and it cured my stammer. From Moorhouse I went to Heywood Grammar, then Leeds University, became a teacher and emigrated to New Zealand. For all of my career I have worked with children with special needs, as a teacher, educational psychologist and university professor and have a special interest in working with parents – all thanks to the help Mrs Greaves gave to me and my parents at Moorhouse!!!.


John Whittaker(a few years ago)

I was a pupil from 1935 to December 1941. Very good memories of Moorhouse and I see I got a mention in image 32 ! Wonders never cease ! My mother was also at Moorhouse - Mary Richmond - between 1907 and 1915, also her brothers Harry and Edmund. We have a lot to thank the old school for. Johnny Fox, Sam Mercer, Ronnies Taylor and Stott, Gwendoline Mann (later Ramsay)and other teachers still appreciated........and I'm 85 !


Emma Barnes(a few years ago)

This school has been the best 7 years of my life! I wish I could come back but unfortunately not. I wish I could I've made amazing friends and have been in the best class ever! Oh and Mrs. Richards don't you recognise me on the bus? I'm definitely going to visit soon. :)


Judith Roden (nee Sharples)(a few years ago)

I was a pupil at Milnrow Moorhouse Primary School until I was 11 and moved to Heywood Grammar School in 1964. I am currently a Principal Lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University where I am involved in the Teach First Primary Programme of ITE and in teaching students on other programmes of initial teacher training, including school direct, about primary science education. I have published several influential books about primary science education in recent years. I spend many hours every year in school with my students from many ITE programmes. I am delighted to say that this all started with the inspirational and forward looking work of Mr Stott who I will never forget as someone who never have up on someone (me). Usually I was considered to be 'average'. There is much evidence, especially recent evidence to suggest that his belief in me was totally valid! I remember, very well, blowing air over bottles filled with different amounts of water - the beginning of something fantastic! My mother and sisters still live in Milnrow.


John Rawstron(a few years ago)

These were golden days indeed, Mr Chapman, the Jardines, Mr Stott and my first ever teacher Mrs Brooks. I still have all the autographs of the teachers from the day I left, and the class of '76 photo. Great memories of Moorhouse.


Michelle Joy(a few years ago)

Fond memories of Moorehouse primary school. Attended from Easter. 1968 until 1975. Remember some fantastic teachers, mr chapman, mr and mrs jardine, mr Scott, mrs jones, mrs pickup, mrs Stevenson and many more . Please can you contact me when it is the open day, would love to come along with my sister Zoe Joy. We have been reading the extracts which we have found very interesting and brought back lots of memories. On reading the first extract we noticed Zoe's name. Great reading Michelle and Zoe Joy


Emma Barnes(a few years ago)

I will really miss this school- wish I was still there going to a new school is kinda scary thankyou to all of the teachers that helped me I will miss them all :(


vlal thompson nee shepherd(a few years ago)

I remember the Christmas concerts .sports days in the school yard on tarmac ,cookery lessons in a room upstairs at the council offices with mrs Ireland .I remember a certain teacher hitting pupils with two rulers on your knuckles .I loved moorhouse school.


David Wild(a few years ago)

I was a pupil in the seniors 11-15yr olds) from 1958 -62. My first teacher was Mrs Jardine. My favourite as was most other pupils was Mr Stott who was in charge of the fourth year, he was also the music teacher, I remember the Christmas Carol services across the road at the chapel when he played the organ. One lasting memory is the woodwork teacher Mr Warburton and the infamous ''Warby-grip''. Happy memories.


AE Butterworth(a few years ago)

Wow, so many fantastic improvements,still a great school. Good website,well set up, keep up the good work. Past Pupil 1955


Ausama(a few years ago)

this school is the best i love it i will really miss this school thank you to all the teachers that helped me


beth bartlett(a few years ago)

hey am now in year eleven and i still remember soo much from primary wish i was still there but am leaving school in a year and i would like to say hey to all the teachers!


Connell(a few years ago)

This school is pretty cool cant wait till we done the s.a.t.s then we go cinema and robin wood!!!


kendall sager-beth kelly(a few years ago)

the best school ever s.a.t.s coming up omg miss wetton is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3xx


Brandon Jordaan(a few years ago)

i miss you lots brandon Jordaan


james thomson(about a decade ago)

Best school ever


Ausama from year six mrs wetten(about a decade ago)

I love this school, it is the best the best class is year six it s really fun this is the best school I have ever to, honestley.


zain(about a decade ago)

i miss this school it was awsome


kane(about a decade ago)

this school is the best


Rachel Jakubowski(about a decade ago)

Been 3 years since i left Moorhouse. I wish i could come back to visit you all if i hadn't moved. This was definitely the best Primary going. Sometimes i just wish i was back there in maths on the 'Top' table haha. I hope everyone is doing well and i hope to see you all soon.


Hannah Peden(about a decade ago)

I really miss this school im in year 8 now and so many things have changed. I loved this school and I really miss being in primary school


Beth(about a decade ago)

This school is good


Christopher Jay(about a decade ago)

I went to Moorhouse from 1955 to 1958. I remember Mrs Sanderson my first teacher. The school looks very different now. It gave me support and must have helped me become the person I am today. I have no regrets, only thanks for a great start in my life.


james thomson(about a decade ago)

i miss this school it was a good one


Yassar Nazir(about a decade ago)

This schools awsome


Hannah & Hayley(about a decade ago)

WE LOVE THIS SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WILL REALLY MISS IT WHEN WE LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hayley(about a decade ago)

I will really miss this school when I leave and all the teachers. I have really loved being here and the education is great.


simon(about a decade ago)

this school is like heaven


kirsten mrs wetton class 9(about a decade ago)

leavin this year, gonna miss ya all, even mrs Wetton and Mrs Rigby,havin a great time with Mrs Wetton and Mrs Rigby,Mrs Wetton has got a good personality, and Mrs Rigby is just brilliant at every thing, moorhouse is a great school im the whole of milnrow. but i cant wait to leave.


simon.l(about a decade ago)

the school is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!