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Interim Executive Board


The IEB was established in November 2020 to secure the rapid turnaround of the school, following the Ofsted judgement of Serious Weaknesses in February 2020. The IEB has replaced the former Board of Governors in performing the role of the governing body and provides regular reports to the local authority (LA).


Background & Purpose


The IEB meets formally once a month (or more often if the need arises) to provide challenge and support to senior leaders within school. The focus of the work of the IEB is to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the school development and improvement plans which address the weaknesses identified in the Ofsted inspection report.


The IEB is comprised of a team of professionals with extensive experience in education, school improvement, finance, training and development, each of whom has a designated area of responsibility. More information about these areas of responsibility can be found at the bottom of this page.


The Role, Delegated Authority & Duties of the IEB


The core function of the IEB is to secure a sound basis for accelerated current and future improvement in the school and its governance. This includes the promotion of high standards of educational achievement, personal development and safeguarding for all such that the school can be removed from Serious Weaknesses set by OFSTED. The IEB will take on the responsibilities and functions of the normally constituted Board of Governors. The IEB will fulfil its responsibilities of ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction by:

  • Developing the school’s vision
  • Setting targets for school improvement, with particular reference to the Areas for Improvement from inspection
  • Overseeing the effectiveness of the school leadership and management
  • Monitoring appraisal arrangements
  • Supporting in the line management and appraisal of the Headteacher
  • Ensuring that the staffing structure of the school supports improvement needs effectively and is financially viable
  • Supporting the school’s leadership team in ensuring that all staff, teaching and non-teaching, meet the expected standards of professional performance
  • Working closely with the school, the Local Authority, the Department for Education, the office of the Regional Schools Commissioner and to secure a future for the school
  • Monitoring performance against targets set by the IEB and/or in the post-Ofsted action plan through a range of evidence, including receiving regular information from the Headteacher and senior leaders on the performance of all aspects of the school.


Contact the Interim Executive Board


If parents/carers wish to contact the Interim Executive Board, please route any enquiry or written correspondence (addressed private and confidential) to Emma Metcalfe-Dunham, Chair of Interim Executive Board –

IEB Application Form and Proposed Members

Governor's Term of Office


Governor Name Governor Type Start Date End Date
Samantha Anchor Parent 27-06-2018 20-10-2020
Melissa Barclay Parent 24-07-2018 20-10-2020
Diane Davies Parent 17-07-2018 20-10-2020
Tasmeya Hussain Parent 19-11-2019 20-10-2020
Ruth Kelsey Local Authority 02-12-2019 20-10-2020
Kelly Milnes Staff 01-09-2019 20-10-2020
Ellen Bullock Headteacher 14-02-2019 20-10-2020
Geoffrey Coady Co-opted 01-09-2019 20-10-2020
Sarah Taylor Co-opted 16-01-2018 20-10-2020
Margaret Farrell Co-opted 01-09-2019 11-09-2020
Gareth Davies Associate Member 03-04-2019 20-10-2020


Dates and attendance of Full Governing Body Committee Meetings 2019 - 2020


The Governing Body was replaced by the Interim Executive Board (IEB) from the 20th October 2020.


Name of Governor Type of Governor 27/02/2019 19/06/2019 12/11/2019 04/03/2020 17/06/2020 17/09/2020
Samantha Anchor Parent Y Y Y Y Y Y
Melissa Barclay Parent Y Y N Y N N
Diane Davies Parent Y Y Y Y Y Y
Tasmeya Hussain Parent Y Y N Y Y Y
Ruth Kelsey Local Authority / / Y Y Y Y
Eleanor Kelly Local Authority Y N / / / /
Kelly Milnes Staff / / Y Y Y Y
Ellen Bullock Staff Y Y Y Y Y Y
Geoffrey Coady Co-opted Y N Y N N N
Sarah Taylor Co-opted N Y Y Y Y Y
Margaret Farrell Co-opted N Y Y Y Y \
Gareth Davies Associate Member N N N / / /



Y - Attended

N - Apologies accepted

NA - Apologies not received

Blank - No attendance required

/ - Not member of the Board at this time