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Maths Passports

 Pupils throughout Moorhouse, have a Maths Passport, which contain a number of challenges for them to achieve.

The passports start at Europe and children can travel from one continent to another, increasing their confidence in maths on their journey. To pass each one, they are tested by their teachers and then they recieve a certificate. Once they have travelled all around the globe, their final challenge is to go 'Out of this World'.

Below are some of the children who have been awarded certificates so far this year.



Leah has passed her North Africa Passport and Jack has passed his South Australasia.



Scott, Owen, Zuzanna and Jessica have all moved on to their new passports - well done!



Well Done Haroon, Landon, Charlie, Callum, Declan, Abbey and Scarlett.



Armaan and Maisie have moved on to their next passport