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Early Years is the foundation of the learning at Moorhouse Primary. Our teaching is based upon the Early Learning Goals criteria set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Guidance Development Matters. This is the foundation upon which we build throughout KS1 and 2. The curriculum prepares the children for school on many levels; educationally, physically, socially and emotionally. Each aspect of the EYFS curriculum plays an important part in developing our children to be successful learners and engaged, happy members of our community.



At Key Stage 1 and 2 we adopt the National Curriculum. This requires we teach the core subjects of: Mathematics, English, Science and Computing. In addition to this we also teach the foundation subjects of; Art, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Music, P.E. and R.E. The teaching of a Modern Foreign language is a statutory part of the K S 2 curriculum; at Moorhouse Primary, French is taught to all children from Reception to Year 6.

With the National Curriculum as our driver, we are adapting the Focus 2019 Curriculum to create our own bespoke enquiry based curriculum as the vehicle through which we teach it. Through the topics we use, visits and visitors, we strive to make our children’s learning relevant and interesting and wherever possible base it on first hand learning experiences. 

During the school year we have a lot of specialist support to aid our delivery of the curriculum, particularly in PE. We also have themed days and weeks such as Reading Week and Maths Problem Solving Days. These serve to enthuse and engage our children as learners, in order to maximise their progress and enjoyment.

Each subject has a clear intention which shows how, as a school, we intend to impact on children's learning in each area.

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