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Stars of the Week

Stars of the Week


Each week, Teachers and Teaching Assistants, choose children in their class to receive the 'Star of the Week' award. This award can be given for many reasons, including being:


  • a good role model
  • considerate to others
  • polite
  • hardworking
  • helpful

It could also be awarded for overcoming difficulties, or simply showing improvement in learning or behavior. Whatever the reason, children are always very proud to receive their star during the Friday assembly.

Parents and carers are invited to come along to the hall, to watch their children being presented with their star, during the Star Assembly. After the awards, the children join them for photographs.

Congratulations to all the Star pupils.


Stars of the week 


Reception - Snowy Owls : 

Year 1 - Green Finches: 

Year 2 - Wrens: 

Year 3A -Wagtails: 

Year 3B - Swallows: 

Year 4 - Sparrows: 

Year 4/5 - Kestrels: 

Year 5 - Kingfishers: 

Year 6 - Eagles: 



 Reading Badges

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House Point Winners



Golden Bin Winners



Best Class Attendance



Head Teachers Award



Francis the Friendship Frog Award 



Lunchtime Supervisors Award / Freddie Fit Leaders Award


Arty Farty Award


Random Act of Kindness Award


Positive Choices Award